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galactick football :) Empty galactick football :)

Post  z_mewmew on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:56 am

ok type and plz reply this anime is one of my fave ones soo plz reply here's some info ;

The story begins 19 years in the past, where a match between the Shadows and Planet Akillian's home team is near the end. Akillian have a direct free kick, to be taken by the striker, Aarch. As he runs forward to take the free kick an explosion is heard overhead, and an avalanche approaches, marking the beginning of the Akillian Ice Age and the end of The Breath, Akillian's own Flux.
The plot then jumps forward 15 years. Aarch and his friend Clamp, a robot technician, arrive back in Akillian for the first time since the game. They aim to plan to create a new Akillian Galactik Football team capable of winning the Cup, and select a unique group of talented teenagers for his team: D'Jok, Sinedd, Micro-Ice, Mei, Thran, Ahito, Rocket and Tia. Rocket's father, however, does not want his son in the team. In her audition, Tia reveals that she has the Breath. Meanwhile Aarch finally persuades Rocket's father to allow him to join the team while their goalkeeper, Ahito, suggests their team name: Snow Kids. In their first match, against the Wambas, they are beaten and Tia is injured severely by a player bribed by Aarchs former teammate Artegor who despise him for abandoning the Shadows,his old team.
Clamp is revealed as the creator of the Meta-Flux, a synthetic and undetectable form of Flux, along with pirate Sonny Blackbones. Meanwhile, Aarch discovers Artegor still hates. He persuades Sinedd to leave the Snow Kids to play for The Shadows and he joins willingly wanting to prove he's a better player than D'Jok,his rival. At the same time an unlikely relationship grows between Rocket and Tia, while Micro-Ice is trying to get Mei to go out with him despite her instant disliking leading to Micro-Ice moving back to defence to allow her to be the striker.
Unfortunately Ahito becomes seriously ill with a mysterious virus and has to be withdrawn from the team to recover when they travel to Genesis Stadium. The Snow Kids begin playing in the Galactic Football cup and are too amazed to play properly.
Rocket gets banned from playing Galactik Football after he illegally uses the Breath to save Tia's life. He then turns to a secret 1-on-1 sport called Netherball, which is covertly being run by Beylock and Technoid so as to gather Flux signatures and use them to their advantage.
In lieu of what happens to Ahito and Rocket, the team gets two new players called Mark (their new mid-fielder) and Yuki (their new goalkeeper).
Beylock uses the collected Flux to cause an explosion on the Shadow Archipelago, destroying the Shadow team's Flux, and engineers it to look like the Pirates are to blame. The Pirates lose their immunity and have to go on the run again.
Ahito recovers from his illness and returns to the Snow Kids.
As the series progresses, Rocket continues to play Netherball due to his suspension and goes out of control, caring for no one, while the Snow Kids are struggling to win matches, though they manage to make it to the quarter finals.
Tia then faces Rocket at Netherball and wins, forcing him to leave the sphere (where Netherball is played) and return to the Snow Kids.
The team win the quarter finals against the Lightnings. However, during the game Ahito has a relapse of his illness.
The Snow Kids face the Xenons in the final, winning on a penalty shoot.

its all about the above soo if u like this anime plz type!! u could say i'm a major tom boy but hey dont hold it against me plz i have other girl intrests to u know!!! Very Happy lol! queen cheers

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galactick football :) Empty lIkE It

Post  Strawberry_Mew on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:47 pm

weLl lEt'S C mY FAV chARacTeRS r mIcrO IcE, MeI ,tiA n AHiTO......!!!!!!!!!!

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