im an old mew mew fan

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im an old mew mew fan  Empty im an old mew mew fan

Post  natomy on Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:15 pm

well , my story with mew mew power is kinda long , i knew mew mew power when i was 5 , in germany(deutschland) , i listened to it's and i liked it , i didnt understand the words , but i liked it , so i listened to this music every day , untill one day i didnt find it , the web was , and the problem was that i didnt know the name , cause if i did i wold find it , Sad and i was too young too , and the i started looking for it , and i started collecting clues , pictures , and when i ask for the name , i dont get an answer , because no one knows , and then after 6 years , i found it , i wont tell you how , and after i made some searches in , i found the website that shows mew mew power , all 26 and 52 episodes , in 2 languages = english+japanese , Very Happy , i think after you read this story , you all will laugh , Sad , any how , i told you my story with mew mew power , so whats youre story? , how did you knew mew mew power? , how did you become a big fan of it?
please answer the questions.
thanks. cat cat
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