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Make your own Bad Guy! Empty Make your own Bad Guy!

Post  MewMewAshley on Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:59 am

So, most people are doing make your own mew mew. I've done that, too! It's fun to make your own Mew Mew. Well, why don't you make your own bad guy? Twisted Evil It could be an alien, a Saint Rose Crusader, or a whole different group of bad guys! You need a bad guy to fit with your Mew!!!!!! Wink P.S, anyone here like InuYasha?

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Make your own Bad Guy! Empty Re: Make your own Bad Guy!

Post  mew mew cream on Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:15 pm

okay,my dude that i made up his name is Himiyoshi or in english form,Fear.His english name maybe a little wierd but he has a scar on his left eye that looks like a cross(did i mention hes a cute alien).He has long faded red hair an his weapon is a large masive gun.Everytime he shoots his gun he makes a wierd laugh kinda like Kish.And he is in love with my mew,Mew Mew Cream.SoSHE falls in love with him and the become boyfriend a girl friand and Himiyoshi dies for her.If you want to no more then replie to Mew MEw ashleys post okay.see ya lates bye bye. Exclamation
mew mew cream
mew mew cream

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